Admissions Procedure


Please click on the link below to complete your application form, payment of £75 must be made via the payment platform before your application will be processed.
Application Form


References will be sought from the applicant’s current school.


All prospective parents are invited to an interview with the Headmaster to see the school in action and to discuss our ethos. This may take place before or after a formal application to join the school or nursery is made. A non-refundable fee of £75 is payable at the time of application.


Prospective pupils in Years 1-6 are assessed after the interview stage. The purpose of the assessment is not to select children on the basis of academic ability but to ensure that candidates are able to take full advantage of the education on offer. The assessment consists of various age-appropriate English and maths activities. Pupils already of Reception age are invited to spend a short time in the classroom.

Offers & Oversubscription Criteria

Once the interview and the assessment have been completed, a place will be offered to all eligible candidates, subject to availability. If no places are currently available to eligible candidates, they will be placed on a waiting list. Parents of children who are not eligible will be informed as soon as possible.

Where classes are oversubscribed, offers of places will not be issued on a first come first served basis (ie. in rank order). Applications for last available places will be considered over a reasonable period of time and they will be offered on the basis of a family’s long term commitment to the school and its ethos. To help this process (and in the case of oversubscription in the school) the criteria below will be used to allocate places. Please note these are only guidelines and judgements are made by considering the criteria as a whole:

a) Commitment to Catholic ethos and Charter of Principles
b) Siblings in the school
c) Commitment to keeping children until Year 6

Where sessions are over subscribed in the Nursery, the following criteria (in no particular order) will be kept in mind when allocating sessions:

a) Oldest pupils in each class will be given greater priority, as will those who request more afternoon sessions.
b) The particular circumstances of each family will also be considered when making decisions about session allocations.

Please also refer to the Admissions Policy (see Policies).

Accepting an Offer of a Place

To accept the offer of a place, parents should return the signed contract together with a deposit of £500 (for the main school only) as soon as possible. This constitutes a formal acceptance of their child’s place, and the deposit is non-refundable if the place is not taken up.

Thereafter a full term’s notice, in writing, must be given should they wish to withdraw their child from the school or nursery. The deposit will be returned during the pupil’s last term in the school, provided all outstanding fees and charges have been paid.

Application Forms and relevant information is available in Next Steps at the top of this page.


Open Days are the best way to find out about the school, the dates are announced on the home page and in our Calendar.