One of our main aims is to keep children enjoying music and to develop a love for it. We live in a very visual culture and we aim to educate and fine tune the ear of the child.

Our focus is on practical involvement for all children, with an emphasis on singing using the methods of Kodály, thereby imparting a working knowledge of the elements of music – pitch, rhythm, dynamics, texture, timbre and, of course, silence which is necessary to frame music! The curriculum includes both composition and evaluation of performances. Cross-curricular links are formed with ICT through the use of the notation software ‘Musescore’.

Music has enormous power to change emotions, to unite, to provide a medium for the expression of feelings, together with promoting ordered thinking.

Music teaching also encourages:
• self-discipline
• increase of self confidence
• sense of performance and the ability to work with others.

Choir and ensemble participation encourages:
• respect and positive attitudes towards peers,
• creates friendships across year groups.
• Contributes to the children’s all-round education by fostering listening and communication skills.

In Year 4 children learn to play the recorder, and in Year 6 they play the ukelele. The Year 5 and 6 children sing in a 3 part choir and tackle difficult repertoires at various choral events.

During a number of assemblies throughout the year, the children are introduced to composers from different historical periods. This helps them to explore different musical styles and genres and to cultivate their taste.
Individual instrumental tuition is available in piano, violin, flute and guitar. Seventy percent of children learn an instrument at school. Many children take external grade examinations and most achieve very good results.
Musical workshops, such as African drumming, take place periodically. During enrichment periods, the more able musicians have the opportunity to participate in theory, dictation and composition activities.

Many children perform in front of the whole school, including their parents, in Musical Assemblies which are held on some Friday afternoons. They have another opportunity to perform during the annual summer music concert. Just prior to the Christmas holidays, a traditional Nine lessons and Carol Service is held which allows the children to sing solos and in parts for some carols.