Oakwood Nursery has its own dedicated facilities including a separate and secure outdoor play area and access to school facilities such as the hall, music room, library and art room.

Each child has a remarkable capacity for acquiring knowledge and skills in these years that have rightly been called the golden age of learning. The right kind of nursery education can make a huge difference to a child’s ultimate academic success and to the development of all the facets of their personality. The Early Years Programme has been designed to meet these challenges and to build on success. The atmosphere and structure of the day are carefully tailored so that a great deal of learning is achieved in a caring and happy environment. The results are that children are well prepared and move up the school, happy and confident.
Good parent-teacher communication is crucial at this stage in a child’s education and the effectiveness and joy of early learning is enhanced when it is encouraged and continued in the home.

Early Learning Programme
  • Development of reading and writing skills
  • Learning a foreign language.
  • Physical education including a specific psychomotor development programme.
  • Music, dance and creative play.
  • Practical guidance for character formation and growth in human virtues.