Severe Weather Protocol

Whilst we will always make every effort to remain open during periods of severe weather, the following formal protocol is in place so that parents can plan their journeys accordingly.

Text and email updates will either be issued by 8am or 2.30pm, depending on the situation.  However if there is no update, parents can assume that the day is running as normal.  As we only have a limited number of characters available for the texts, these messages will be short using RED, AMBER or GREEN alerts as outlined below.  If necessary, longer updates may be posted on the school website.

RED The school is closed.  Parents will be notified when the school re-opens.
AMBER There is currently insufficient information about the state of the roads, the situation with public transport and the difficulties of staff getting in. However whilst the school will open at the normal time, children may arrive after 8.50am without being marked late, or collected before 3.45pm – depending on the situation.  More details will be made available in the text.  There is no need to inform the school if a child is going to be late or absent due to severe weather.  Before and after school clubs may be cancelled, but parents will be advised accordingly.
GREEN The school is open as usual and children should attend at the normal times.