Our philosophy of education at Oakwood School is based on a ‘character first’ approach.

A ‘character first’ approach means we strive to develop in children those qualities of greatness that will enable the achievement of academic potential and also help them develop in all aspects of their lives at school and into adulthood.

At Oakwood, we offer a service to parents to help them form their children, so that they grow up to be outstanding young men and women. This vision is underpinned by three fundamental commitments:

All Round Education

An uncompromising commitment to personal, academic, cultural and sporting excellence.

Education and Virtue within a Catholic Ethos

Children follow a unique programme of character development based on a Christian vision, tailored to the needs of each child via the personal tutorial system.

Partnership with Parents

A practical working partnership with the family of each child, where parents and teachers become allies in the shared endeavour of raising children who can fulful their potential and become responsible members of society.